An Eclectic Mix of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Award-winning Original Songs.



James Hammel's music is characterized by its melodic blend of genres, particularly jazz and adult contemporary pop. His style often features smooth, soothing vocals accompanied by intricate guitar work. The jazz influence in his music brings a sense of improvisation and complexity, while the pop elements add a catchy and accessible quality. His compositions are known for their emotional depth, often exploring themes of love, life, personal growth, and even world issues. As a songwriter, his original songs have cross-genre influences and feature interpretive storytelling.  His music resonates with audiences who appreciate a fusion of contemporary pop sensibilities with the sophistication of jazz.

Fans of James' vocal sound, style, and interpretation say his voice captures Sting's sensitivity, the class and touch of Michael Buble, the cleverness of Michael Franks, the innocence of Chet Baker, and the playfulness of John Pizzarelli.

"On stage, James Hammel is at once completely natural and artfully focused, a rare combination. He gets to the core of each song with easy grace and understated eloquence."  Roy Sander, Critic and Columnist (formerly of Back Stage and City Search).


James' music is characterized as being highly charged (both the up-tempo songs and the ballads have drive). His voice brings forth a boyish sense of charm and innocence - while still giving James the ability to transition from being a crooner to displaying a full jazz/pop/rock/blues sound. 

James has performed more than 1,200 events and tailors performances to the needs of the event. Song selection can focus on genres such as jazz, pop, rock, blues, or a mix of these. James (vocals and guitars) performs solo or with his band which may include piano, bass, drums, percussion, brass, and other vocalists. James performs with a collective of outstanding studio musicians with outstanding academic and professional achievements.

In addition to being well received as a solo performer, James has performed with his band in New York City at venues such as The Metropolitan Room, CBGB's Gallery, The Bitter End, and even the US Open Tennis Championships. In North Carolina, he performs at Biltmore Estate, Omni Grove Park Inn, as well as a host of breweries, restaurants, weddings, fundraisers, weddings, and private events.

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James has completed three albums with a fourth in progress. His first project, Do It All Over Again, has done well garnering a Top 400 Billboard song and getting playtime with jazz standards on airlines. The project featured jazz standards, pop and original songs. This project was produced and engineered by Gennaro Tedesco, nGen Studios in NYC. 

His second project, Epiphany, is comprised of all original songs written, composed, performed, and produced by James. It includes jazz, pop, blues and a world music track (a finalist in The Grand American Song Contest). Gennaro Tedesco, nGen Studios (NYC) produced Come Together and Do It All Over Again. This project was engineered by Phil Ludwig of Seclusion Hill Studios in Asheville.

His third project, Stuck On You, is a jazz album celebrating jazz and Latin standards as well as classic pop. It celebrates late Bobby Caldwell who had a significant impact on James’ music. It features songs from Cole Porter, Bobby Caldwell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Kenny Rankin, Michael Franks, Richard Rodgers, and Nat King Cole. 

His fourth project, Life Stories, is underway and features James’ original songs chronicling powerful stories from his and others’ lives. This project is in production and being engineered by Phil Ludwig of Seclusion Hill Studios in Asheville.


James passion for singing and playing guitar spans decades. He is from Connecticut and currently lives in Asheville, NC, James met Jazz great,  Sal Salvador, who introduced him to jazz guitar. Sal ultimately challenged James that he belonged in the world of music, and that one day he would be compelled to embrace it completely. 

For most of his adult life, James considered those words wishful thinking and his music remained on the sidelines. Instead, he took a multi-decade tour in the business world which led to James building and leading many companies, both large and small. But, all the while, he also continued his focus on standards and jazz songs - creating his own fresh and eclectic arrangements of these songs. He added an attractive mix of pop, blues, and rocks songs. He also evolved his songwriting skills and has recorded award-winning songs.

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